On a Friday

There were 8" of snow in the backyard this morning.  Drove to Denver to meet my neighbors at the ad agencies.   You should see how great the new work is served up on this new app Subalehka and Jonah built from scratch for the videos.   Built for live presentations only.   That way I can show the secrets that can't be put up on the website.  Releasing three new videos next week on our site.  Found my old Obama hat from '08 that I wore religiously.  Dusted it off.  Sporting it now.   This campaign is going to kill all of us.   It is all too important to feel like you are in the stands at a freezing football game while everyone sits around waiting for the tv commercials to end and the action to begin.

On the drive this morning as the sun broke out over the snow, I heard this on Morning Edition about short attention spans in kids:

A lot of energy and effort go into discussing the ways content will be delivered in the future — WiFi on a plane or a proposal by German researchers to deliver morning news and weather to your shaving mirror. Jessica Helfand says it's hard to speculate about what that content will look like."

"The unfortunate thing, I think, is that so much then gets expended on thinking about the box or the screen," she says, "instead of the content, and the ideas and the innovation that we bring to it, creatively and intellectually."

You can hear the clip here20121026_me_03

Meanwhile back in the bubble....Jackson's fifth birthday party is Sunday - organizing a Bread & Puppet style parade with Stephie through Beach Park.   Listening to a very rare JD Vernon (of Bon Iver) album this fall day that feels like a winter paradise from here.

J.D. Vernon - Feels Like Home