Pat Quinn for the Win

2015.06.25 Eric Schnabel, Mark D'Arcy and all of Creative Shop at Facebook have poured themselves into the ALS Challenge Campaign and supporting the incredible and brave families that started it all. This is a picture of Pat Quinn I just took on the beach. It is incredible and so moving to have him standing before my camera with a bucket poised above his head. Pat's heart is so strong and powerful as he fights this horrendous disease everyday. This is what we need to do. We all need to get soaked again this August. Challenge three friends. Understand what the cause is. Then be thankful for every healthy day we get and support those brave people who fight ALS. As Warren Zevon said towards the end, "enjoy every sandwich." ‪#‎unforgettableinstagram‬‪#‎InstagramCannes2015‬ ‪#‎canneslions2015‬ ‪#‎festivaldecannes‬ @festivaldecannes‪#‎alschallenge‬