Patti Smith sits down and orders a steak. Medium Rare.

Stephie and I stole a night in NY.  Didn't matter what room.  Didn't matter which part of town.  Nothing mattered except for being together.  Catching our breath.  Catching each other's breath.  Wound up at The James facing north.  Went up to the roof and saw more  ass than a strip club.  Thrill never registered.  Walked up Thompson after dark.   Knew if went into Ina, a favorite consignment shop we would be carrying a bag to dinner.  Stephie wondered if Patti Smith had consigned anything from her closet. Patti is one of Stephie's favorite....make that...her GREATEST role model.  Stephie found a pea coat on steroids.    It was big and fun and even though it was 75 degrees, winter's stirring somewhere. We then went to a little Japanese restaurant.  Very traditional (sashimi not sushi, only AMEX).   Stephie was facing out. I was facing in.  Suddenly over the appetizers, Stephie's eyes grew so big.  She gasped, then leaned over and whispered, "Patti Smith is sitting down right behind you with Lenny Kaye."   I didn't look around.   I did hear Patti order a steak.  Medium Rare.  And some yellow tail.

We took these pictures in 15 minutes before leaving the room.

here she comes walkin' down the street here she comes comin' through my door here she comes crawlin' up my stair here she comes waltzin' through the hall in a pretty red dress and oh, she looks so good, oh, she looks so fine and I got this crazy feeling that I'm gonna ah-ah make her mine