Dear Instagram.

I make my living as a photographer. In order for me to publish a picture anywhere, I have to ask permission from the subject to use their image. If I am being paid for the usage, the subject is compensated in some manner. Photography is stealing the subject’s soul for god’s sake - there has to be some understanding about this. You could also argue photography is glorifying and preserving a person’s soul - but that is another discussion.

I have really enjoyed using Instagram (although the recent upgrade deleted my favorite filter). I understand it is free and you must make money. I am actually fine with you using some of my images to make money. It is a fair trade. I just don’t understand why you cannot ask permission and do it all above board.

Let me know if you want to use any of my images. I will get permission from the subject. I need to get a sense of the scope of usage - but in theory, I am fine with my images promoting Instagram.

If you can, a photo credit would be appreciated.

George Lange