Pete Seeger at 91

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It was well over a hundred degrees in this tent at the Clearwater Festival.   Jackson's hair was plastered  to his head, taking it all in.  Pete was right there in all his glory.

When I was maybe 10,11, 12....I went to my first Pete Seeger concert in Pittsburgh.  Outside they were handing out flyers warning that Pete was a communist and not to go in.    I remember wanting even more to go in, which I did and sang my heart out.  So much so, that Muzz's older brother David told me to stop singing so loud.   I guess it says something about my childhood that David trying to quiet me down at a Pete Seeger concert was one of my biggest traumas.

Last year, Glenn Beck asked me if my parents were communists.   I told him the closest I had ever gotten to a communist growing up was going to a Pete Seeger concert. Glenn looked at me incredulously, "Pete Seeger!  Pete Seeger is an artist.  Artists can do anything!"