Pillow Talk

Went to Malcolm Kutner's pillow event at Fortuny last night in NY.  Malcolm carried his drawings around like maps to show us how he navigated through the Fortuny fabrics creating his own spectacular pillow journey.  If you ever wondered where you would ever wear that dress or those boots you wanted to buy....it was here.  Met Malcolm's personal clothier, Manolo Costa who had more style between his shoulders and his chin than any man I have ever seen.  Finished off at the Oyster Bar - where Stephie had never been, but often dreamt about.

a VERY special song of the day: Sweet Talk.

This is Mabel Mercer, one of the...rather...THE grand dame of cabaret music - singing one of my favorite songs ever.  The song was written by Cy Coleman & Floyd Huddleston, and the performance was at Town Hall with Bobby Short in 1968.  Completely sublime.