Please forgive me

My oldest and dearest friends,

Please forgive me for fighting the urge to photograph every single thing this past weekend at the beach, and mostly losing the battle.  Please forgive the light in that old beach house on Pearl Street that I look forward to all winter.  Please forgive me finding your naps, your headaches, your eyebrow plucking, your sun loving skin, your beach fried hair, your tan marks, your showered bodies wrapped in old striped towels, your melting ice cream cones, your electronic devices, your crumpled sheets, your piles of shoes on the porch - all so beautiful.

When I excused my obsession Sonya shrugged and said I am just documenting what they do anyhow.

All of your tolerance and love has allowed me year after year to build a collection of memories we can all share forever.

Maybe longer.