Portrait Ideas

Was trading ideas with my friend, the great choreographer AB today. She sent me this list of ideas for a portrait of her:

some where cozy... and warm.

or in water

in the bath tub! with all my close on of course...

under water...

in my mommy's belly.

in a black and white movie... breakfast at tiffany's or shall we dance for sure.

in someones arms..

inside a grand piano..

flying..in a helicopter (a pilot)

in a monkey suit...

in a tree.

maybe we should shoot at your house.

I replied:

I want to do headshots with your body on fire.

sipping tea in the middle of chaos

flirting with streaks of light bouncing around at 2:36

in your mommy's belly only if she agrees to swallow a very small camera and I can shine light through her belly button

covered in green mud with only your nose and mouth showing

(oh my god A...did you see the Diving Bell and the Butterfly!!! We saw it last night then walked forever and forgot it was cold)

on a balcony looking out at straw and water

in a room of billowing sheer white fabric: putting on your lips, drawing on your eyes, making your cheeks rosy

under a single drop of water that never stops

in a perfume mist standing next to a sundial on the longest day of the year

walking on fire with a squirt gun

with your cheek up against his chest and your eyes closed

with your hands squeezing something very cold feet frozen in place.

in a room of clocks all slightly off.

in a white box rolling down a hill

with a hundred fingertip holding you in the air

in a steam bath singing old love songs

holding a small dog under a cafe table next to 4 legs with high heels

with earmuffs and binoculars and a shotgun and something rustling in the distance.

Jackson likes being photographed in suitcases full of clothes, wrapped in a black velcro suit attached to the wall, inside an envolope addressed to him, with stripes of sunlight across his face, wrapped completely in a white sheet so you can only see his outline, floating naked in the bath water....he is a good sport.

I attached this photo of Jackson with Uncle John taken over Christmas in Nashville.

Uncle John is going to 90 this summer - and lives with Aunt Kay who is 92.

Aszure reponded:

oh my gosh, he is perfect. and what he 'likes' sounds close to me.

i love that older man... who is that? a relative.. i want photos with him holding me too.

i love old people.