Regina Spektor

“I love worlds that are so complete that you just can relax,” Regina Spektor said, “because when the art is that complete, it makes something in me just calm. But a lot of new things . . . there’s this tension. I’ll take everything that is awesome from it and leave everything that I don’t like. It can be an uneven piece and still worth it. But you put on ‘Rubber Soul,’ or ‘Sgt. Pepper,’ or ‘Freewheeling Bob Dylan’ and it’s just . . . solid. From the first note you hear, it never goes wrong. Why can’t everything be like that?”

From a profile on Regina Spektor in the NY Times Magazine this coming Sunday. Her story is so inspiring.  Sticking to her guns.  Staying totally focused.  Not giving in.

Video for her new single is alittle blown out - but love the song.   Her new album drops the end of June. Can't wait.

This shot of Cherice Barton and James Gregg was shot for Aszure and Artists. I also shot the flash intro to Aszure's site and lots of the images inside.