Serial was a great storytelling ride. Bravo Sarah Koenig. It was fun figuring out where you wanted to listen to the episodes. Driving with kids plugged into their own stories in the back seat. Sitting in a bath. During a massage?? It was great ride. Thought the story was a strange vehicle until Episode 6 when Adnan called her on liking him, "Koenig, you don't know me!" Then, somehow, the story met the storytelling in the last episode. Adnan's voice didn't sound like a victim until then. Why did this podcast gain so much traction? There has been a lot of talk about needing failure to achieve greatness, needing to be vulnerable to get strong. I think Sarah told this story like a high wire act - it was powerful told in real time. She opened a door, and we were all invited in. Where do we tune in next week?