SF Whistleblower

Woke up in the middle of the night in a hotel where bed bugs could be a possibility.  My current trio of fears then swung into action.  Had read three articles in the past week that shook my imagination south.  First this one on Global Warming in TruthDig.  I know everyone is claiming the truth from very different viewpoints, but my compass leads me to this truth: We are not taking care of our planet.  How can religion, common sense, or just good housekeeping not teach us how fragile this planet we share is??

Because this fine specimen of a hotel chain drops USA Today at my door every morning, I read this article on the federal deficit that says every single household in America is in for $550,000 of money the federal government has already spent - totaling 62 trillion.  I am not sure what this means, but it stops one from springing for any new shoes for now.   Then today this was left outside my room.   Kids under 18 spending every single waking hour looking at screens.  Ears plugged.  Season’s changing are something that happens in the background.

As for me, I feasted like a Roman god last night with friends in San Francisco at the wonderful Nopa. Thanked Laurence Jossel, the chef, who threw some salt at a dish, then lifted his jacket to flash a Chefwear label.  Skipped U2 in Oakland - love when tickets are available at $290 each for a stadium show.  Facetimed with Jackson who asked me to show him where I was living right now.  Woke up listening to Thelonius Monk and Girltalk.  Photographed the cover of USA Today for this post, pealed back the Westin label, and saw my name under the picture of Katie.