Shabbat Child

Today Jackson was the Shabbat child at his pre-school. We were all so excited. I love when the most ordinary day is special. I photographed all the normal things this morning. Jackson waking up and getting dressed. Waking up his brother. Waking up Stephie. Them some flying off the bed. Breakfast. Knapsack. Strapped in the van going to school. Meeting up with his class. The light was beautiful. Jackson’s teachers are so special. I took pictures rather than fight back tears. Jackson giving thanks for airplanes and trains from the bima. Passing challah out to his classmates. Sharing the “Welcome” and “Inside” videos with his class. Stephie lighting the candles. Just a Friday morning. On fire. At one point, Jackson said, “The whole LANGE family is here.” We are a family by more than blood. We are a family in spirit.