Sitting around the community pool on Labor Day

2010.09.06_0880 Listening to a friend talk about her job at a large New York media company.   Her job now consists of training people in India to take over her work, and all of her colleagues for one ninth of the pay.   She told me about the breathtaking scale of the jobs being shipped over to the far east.   This is not menial IT work or customer support.  This the wholesale exporting of every single job that is not nailed down.   If there is any possible way your job can be done overseas, goodbye.  Did some research.  Funny, none of the companies involved are covering the exodus.   They are covering the unemployment rate, and it all being Obama's fault.

On a related note....I saved up and bought a really nice set of Logitech headphones.  There was a small problem and I called customer support.   A woman in the Philippines answered, put me on hold for about five minutes, then read from the instruction manual something that did not address the problem.  I asked for a manager.  She said he was busy.