Something I wrote 5 or 6 years ago....

I have been out sharing my book, The Unforgettable Photograph with alot of people.  Alot of amazing feedback.  Interviewers all want specific tips:  How to take great holiday pictures.  How to take great pictures with your phone.   For me, it all comes out of the same well of inspiration.   What I am discovering, is that well has been pretty consistent my whole career.  Aszure Barton posted this today from her site.    I wrote this 5 or 6 years ago. “Dear Aszure:

Can I say in my bio that I had a life altering experience seeing you (Aszure & Artists) perform at Jacob’s Pillow

Can I say that I stalked you for many months until we had lunch one freezing day and you let me in?

Can I say how the shootings we have done have re calibrated my internal rhythm?

Life is only about rhythm. I photograph the beats. I have had to work through actors and presidents, surgeons and bakers, civil rights heroes and muses to finally…finally get to Aszure – who pounds the floor and spits and insists that beauty is not always pretty…. and yet it is always beautiful.

I have been taking pictures since the age of 5. I am obsessed with the next five minutes, the next ten pictures, a map into a dream. I just became a father and am quickly learning a language with no words. I think a lot of about the connections we all crave with each other. I try to photograph from the inside out.

The photographs are only the excuse to get to know you and ask this one question that has been bugging me….

I spend a lot of time trying to remember specific moments and photographs give me a fighting chance.

I take mostly mental pictures.

My pictures are becoming more and more cinematic. Rather than presenting a singular moment as the truth, I have been shooting the whole arc. I have been stitching the moments together into little movies. I like making you shiver.”