Jackson and I had a deal.  If he slept through the night, we would go to the diner on the way to school.  And he DID sleep through the night!   So we drove  in the rain through the trees finishing up their fiery show.  We were both snapping mental pictures madly, rounds of "I've GOT it" as we pointed our squared up fingers at the fall scenes going by.  Coldplay sang, "Viva la Viva la Viva" and we sang the chorus so you could hear us in  NEW YORK CITY!  Woody Guthrie came on singing, "Howdi Do" and Jackson yelled out, "that's Woody Guthrie." Then we passed the Thomas Edison factory, "Daddy, tell me that story."

Finally we pulled into the diner which is always empty at 8:30, like it is our private dining room.   Jackson walked in like he owned the place in his yellow rain coat, "Good Morning, Star!."  Star is the only waitress.   "This morning I would like some bacon and eggs, please."   He only orders bacon and eggs.    Then he climbs up in the same booth each time and asks for some apple juice.  Just before the eggs arrive, Jackson always says he has to go to the potty.   We go to the end of the diner.  Jackson plays for a minute with the ATM machine, pushing the buttons and explaining, "I have to check my email."  We then go into the men's room, pull down his pants and he has me lift him up to the urinal.  "I am going to hit the blue thing in the middle."  A shake.  A flush.  Wash hands.   All ready for our eggs.