Step Right Up - Our new website is ALIVE!

This is our new flagship store with all the new merch on display.   All decked out for you to explore, poke, and knock around.   Finally got away from categories and created case studies with deep dives.  Got the videos ready for prime time.   The blogs both cooking and linking to our Facebook page (Langestudio).    Dared to put the Glenn Beck project online - you can see it here and read about it when you hit Dive Deeper.   I especially love the audience section in the Glenn Dive Deeper section.    Also love how it relates with the soccer shots on the Jeni's deep dive.

The site was developed by our whole staff - with Monswoon.  Many thanks to Griffin Waldau and Ava Savitsky whose infinite patience allowed us to tweak and pull this thing together.  Thanks to Stephie whose keen eye plugged the holes and kept the ball rolling.

In the process we changed our name to Lange Studio.   We feel like photography is only one piece of the artillery - and wanted our name to reflect that.  Also to acknowledge that our whole staff - Sybil, David, Jeremy, Monika, Stephie, and host of freelancers - all have their hand in the pie and all get credit now that it is out of the oven on the windowsill.

Would love to hear feedback - the good and the bad.   The studio email is:     The ipad app companion piece we built from scratch arrives at the itunes store in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned.