Such wonderful sounds in the echo chamber today

Thanks for all the kind notes and wishes today.  Really meant alot.

I am posting updates about Andrew to:

Got this email today:


I just read your Lange Studio/Facebook post re: your brother, Andrew. I was very touched by your words and sentiment.

I wonder if you even remember me. Probably not if you don't have a good memory. You took some photos in the summer of 1987 at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, for Money magazine. I was one of the students that you photographed. Your words and presence made a huge, lasting impact on me that summer. My mother was beginning her slow death from cancer, my family was beginning to disintegrate, and I had recently realized that I had chosen the wrong college. There was something very bright, fresh, meaningful, and energizing about your visit to Southwestern that helped me get through that awful time. Thank you for that.

So, if you were such a comfort to me - a total stranger - 25 years ago, you are no doubt a tremendous comfort to Andrew and to the rest of your family and friends.

Yes, we are reading what you write and post. And we are admiring your photographs, then and now. And you do touch people through that because that is a measure of communication. Your photographs communicate so much and we see you and learn more about you through this vehicle. And now is your opportunity to learn more about Andrew.

"I have learned more about my brother in the past few days I ever would have been allowed to know. So many friends – many claiming Andrew was their best friend, many not even knowing each other – have gathered around us."

I can't give you a real hug today, but I can let you know that you and your brother are in my thoughts and prayers. And that your presence is a huge comfort to him.