Sugar Sugar

What is a culinary moment worth?  I have kept myself clean - more clean than I would like to admit.  Except for sugar - which I craved and satiated all these years.  Finally elbowed sugar out.  Have gone three months of no desserts, no chocolate, no anything.   It has not been super hard.  Eating alot of fruit.   Then read this in the NY Times magazine this past Sunday.  I am pretty sure the science is never going to prove that sugar is good for you.   So dropping it cannot be a bad idea.  Feeling alot better.   Lost some weight.  Energy roller coaster leveled out - now only high!  The mysteries cannot really be that mysterious.

Love what the Times wrote about Barbara Cook at the Carnegie Hall gala with James Taylor: "The evening’s most compelling performance was Ms. Cook’s “Here’s to Life.” To hear this indestructible woman, who is now 83, muse, “I had my share, I drank my fill/And even though I’m satisfied, I’m hungry still” in a voice that has lowered without shedding any of its luster was to receive lines of personal scripture torn from the soul."