Sunday Mourning

I was in the passenger seat grabbing a moment to page through the Times on Saturday morning. My two little boys were in the back, my wife driving - all going to the farmer’s market. Then the sudden jolt staring back at me with the obituary for Hillman Curtis. Instantly all my greatest fears were on the surface.

I never met Hillman, but I followed his work religiously, spoke of him constantly, and was infinitely inspired. He understood this medium we are all working in before we did. He laid the red carpet - and with passionate generosity wrote the book to guide us. His films are the bible for those of us exploring video portraits and his work the living evidence of his curiosity.

It is heartbreaking to read of his family. I know that parenting is the process of letting go. I also know that parenting is planting seeds, and I am sure Hillman sewed rows and rows of seeds that will produce an incredible harvest - still - the days we have are so precious. So precious. And it seems so sad losing Hillman.

Those of us who know Hillman through his work know that he is alive. He triggered so many ideas, shared the genius of his heroes, and in the process made us all better human beings.

Nothing matters except for the way we touch eachother. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually.

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