We moved for the 4th time in 2 years. Finally settling into a neighborhood in Boulder that feels as much like home as when I was growing up in Pittsburgh.

Two yellow sneakers found each other.

I bought them 6 years ago in this tiny shoe shop behind the great Dr. Sharshuka’s just north of Tel Aviv in Jaffa. The owner designed the shoes and had them made just for him in Spain. Then visiting the shop on a trip 2 summers ago, the first thing the owner said when I walked in was, “I have one pair left in your size. Are you okay with yellow?”

It reminded me of a morning years ago at the Museum of Modern Art in NY. I had a pass to get into a huge Matisse retrospective before the hordes of crowds descended. I was alone in these galleries filled with paintings that were all made in the same studio at the same time years ago, then scattered all over the world. I felt like I was interfering with their time to catch up.

“Where are you living? The Hermitage? Where is that?”

“ I live in this living room in NY, the owner has long fingernails and plays guitar. Hardly anyone visits me. It is really lonely.”

“Oh man, I have to smile all the time at tons and tons of people. My jaws hurt”

This was being hurriedly whispered in French before any of the visitors came in the MOMA galleries. Retrospectives are all about art having a reunion.

Which gets us back to all our stuff.

I love when our stuff gets all piled up and moved. When shoes that have gotten separated for years find their mate. When the cloth cover for the challah on Shabbat reappears now that we have a gluten free home. When the only thing you really care about are the pictures and the art. The rest is stuff.

For years I have had a two sweater a year rule. I love sweaters, so holding the line is a good idea. Each winter I would only allow myself to buy two sweaters, but I bought really good ones. After a dozen years, I had 2 dozen really nice sweaters. More than I needed. None I could let go of. So they all moved.

Along with all the other stuff.