IBM Carousel #2


The second IBM carousel that I shot just launched on Instagram. The genius of Derek Miles Scott working the projection layers live as we shot, and Spencer Mandell looking out over the big picture. Thanks also to Sangeeta Joseph and Katie Keating from IBM who were so supportive. We had the most perfect days to shoot so I have to thank my father for that. I especially love the muted city in the middle panels. ‪#‎unforgettableinstagram‬ ‪#‎ibm‬

Favorite Part of the Process

2015.10.23bWhen I shot the IBM campaign for Instagram with Creative Shop 2 weeks ago in NY, we played on the set with the projections. Those live moments when we push the limits always circle back to new ideas. I love that part of the process. This shot is with Katie Keating, social engagement strategist with IBM letting the waves scream out.


2015.10.21 If you see this in your Instagram feed today you are looking at pictures I took two weeks ago in NY. It represents the tip of the iceberg where an amazing team at IBM hooked up with Creative Shop at Instagram putting their finger on the pulse of the people who are doing amazing things at IBM. It is here on carousels that stories can be told horizontally and powerfully. (The full carousel will only show up in your IG feed.) And we were thinking all the great icebergs were disappearing. For those photographers interested in such stuff, the art was projected onto the subjects and all done in camera. Derek Miles Scott adjusted the layers in real time. There were some minor tweaks in post - but mostly just normal raw processing adjustments.