Last Song of the Day

No Love Dying

I want to share this song that opened the morning, “Gregory Porter’s, No Dying Love.” He is a jazz singer, almost in the vein of Jon Lucien. It's gray and cold in Boulder this morning. Not typical for spring. “No Dying Love” completely changed the energy here Lange Studio. IT is cold and gray here. Not sure if the sun is even up.

Kate Bush

It has been a really insane week.One of the most hopeless work days ever, followed by one of the brightest. The freelance life. I love listening to Kate Bush’s, Hounds of Love in the winter. It is built for the cold.

Christmas Playlist

Every christmas I queue up the Mcgarrigle Christmas Hour - Kate & Anna, Rufus & Martha,

Was going to leave today with Rufus singing, "What are you doing New Year's Eve?" which may get posted next week.

Then Martha singing, "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" just came on, and Stephie said, "I love Martha's singing on this." It is kind of dark...but lovely.

Piss Factory

It became a very piss and vinegar Friday, ending with a wild rant on Facebook.So what better way to end it that the great Patti Smith rant, "Piss Factory." When Stephie first moved to NYC, we listened to this every morning, getting dressed. LOUD. It is a song about empowerment. A song about dreams. It was released as a single on the opposite of "Heh Joe" and it was sold only at art galleries. Crank. It. Up. I'm gonna go on that train and go to New York City I'm gonna be somebody, I'm gonna get on that train, go to New York City, I'm gonna be so big, I'm gonna be a big star and I will never return, Never return, no, never return, to burn at this Piss Factory And I will travel light. Oh, watch me now.