As Luck Would Have it...


As luck would have it….

I have been wanting to see Alan Cummings in Cabaret since I saw him years ago. There is something in the seams of his performance that goes to that place I like to swim. He brought the show back to Studio 54. It takes a couple of trips, but I finally have a perfect Sunday to go see him again. Tickets are prohibitive. Completely sold out - especially with Emma Stone in the cast. $400….500 for tickets not even in the orchestra. Sunday morning I wake up, log on, and there is a single seat at face value. I scoop it up. I had been looking at some other shows for Sunday that all started at 3:00, so it didn’t even occur to me that Cabaret started earlier for the one matinee with no evening show.

I meet my friend, Bob Feldman for a pretty depressing tour of the 9/11 museum. We both had no clue how to process all of that. The victims had nothing to do with anything except for waking up that day, getting ready for work, and having no clue that toothbrush would never be used again, that wallet would become an artifact in a museum, the kiss…their last. Bob wanted to grab a fast burger at Shake Shack and who was I to not be included on that one. Getting to tap into Bob thoughts is always a gift. Then a quick trip up to the theater. Perfect timing.

Except….the lobby was empty. I went up to the ticket booth and they had my ticket, it is just the show had started 50 minutes ago. The best part of Cabaret is the first act, and I had pretty much missed it. I had also left my favorite Marc Jacobs wool hat in the taxi. They gave me a rain check which was nice…but still, I was despondent….. Just on the other side of that door it was alive and I would not let myself enter late.

Serenditpity is essential. I live to make luck happen. I started a correspondence with Josh Liberson, the creative director of One King’s Lane in the past weeks. Hours of phone calls. Emails. “ We are going to be friends for a long time” kind of chats. Then we hung out in NY, met his family, go to dinner together in Williamsburg. Next morning I go to a breakfast meeting at Balthazar (holy ground in my family), I look over the banquette and there is Josh.

The next night - The slush, which was miserable turned to winter, which I really love - but the town suddenly feels full of pussy's. New Yorker’s going home early from work because of weather? Really? There was not even an ankle’s depth of snow.

Shot all day and wanted to be by myself, but also wanted to be with Larry David to watch his first night of previews. Totally sold out - of course. It is the largest pre-sale of any play in history. As luck would have it....I got on the subway and first thing I run into my new friend Josh Liberson - and we rode a couple of stops together. That felt like a good sign. Went to the box office for "Fish In The Dark" and the woman said through the scratchy speaker, “You will be sitting in the 9th row on the aisle.” I NEED luck like nothing else. "Pretty...pretty...pretty lucky."

Bob Dylan, of all people just released an album of Sinatra covers. It is fascinating but not for the faint of heart.

"I don't see myself as covering these songs in any way," Dylan said in a statement about the album. "What me and my band are doing is uncovering them. Lifting them out of the grave and bringing them into the light of day."