Lost and Found

I left my ipad in a taxi.  Since Steve Jobs died, have left all my apple devices naked to enjoy how nice they feel.   There was no name tag anywhere on the ipad.   Stephie got a call from the taxi driver.  He must of gone into my device, my contacts? - somehow found Stephie’s number and called her.  Now I have my ipad back.

Pina Bausch died just before Wim Wenders was about to start filming with company.  I have written about Pina before. She was one of the greatest and most inspiring creators ever.   She could wrap you in flowing lace, roll you through her dreams and leave you spinning your own tales stumbling out into the night.

Wenders quit - it was impossible to imagine filming without her.  Then he regrouped, got the family and company on board and made the film, Pina. Wenders talks about it here.     The film opens in the US on December 23.  Can’t wait.