Religious Intolerance


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I was listening to this story on NPR yesterday on the rise of religious intolerance around the world. As a Jew, your ears suddenly perk up. Most of this is not news, though it is alarming. My good friend Jonny Daniels has spent the last year in Poland digging up old Jewish tombstones and torahs all over the country. Kids playgrounds were built from the tombstones. People’s barns. Torahs (the embodiment of the Jewish faith) were repurposed as skins for drums. Jonny’s bigger mission is to figure out how the story of the holocaust will be told after all the survivors are gone. He has found great support (and resistance) in Poland where a young generation is exploring Jewish culture and negotiating their future with their past.

I came home and saw a video on my Facebook feed created from a site where you can make your own Hitler videos. One of the parents at our son’s elementary school made one full of rants from Hitler’s lips complaining about the new school superintendent not calling snow days. The new super is from Montana and must have a pretty thick skin. Winter in Boulder is not a season of dread, and a dump of snow is really not a big deal. As of last night the video had 350 likes and only 2 dislikes. One of which was mine.

This is all so retro. Wondering if the next wave of this genre will feature putting words in Jihadi John’s lips. Would be easier since his lips are covered up. Seems it would be more timely and equally offensive.