Take A Minute

Just as a I get my year end mix out the door - I hear K'Naan - how did this music fall through my cracks? Listening to "Take A Minute." One of those songs I am going to wear the digital grooves out of. (here is a link from a stripped down version: http://tinyurl.com/yjodleg ) Perfect song to suck up the year with and exhale.Finishing the year with a perfect shoot. Got hooked up with a group of kids who have had a rough time. This group in New York called, "Art Start" uses art to provide kids who have had a rough start with opportunities for success. I have the incredible privilege to photograph 15 of these kids next Tuesday. We are going to take pictures that show all their soul, all their heart, all their confidence. We are going to make them feel like stars. They ARE stars! Pix will go up next week....we just gotta take 'em.