The 45th Plate

1406012_16_01_167 I have spent many evenings the past two summers taking pictures with Meadow Lark Farm Dinners on farms outside of Boulder. Meadow Lark has tripped out a school bus as a kitchen which they park by some of the most lush, mostly organic fields. They create their menus from whatever is ripe, with the menu and whole experience dependant on which way the wind is blowing. The Meadow Lark table is set for 44 people. Somewhere, off to the side of the bus (preferably out of view) Veronica sets a small table for me - the 45th plate.

Because I am not a food photographer, or a nature photographer for that matter - I come in through a very different door. I walk through the fields unannounced and often follow my nose more than my eyes. These pictures are about using all of our senses. I bury my camera deep in the pots of steaming fresh pasta, let the oil jump onto my lens just above the frying squash blossoms, and push my hands so far into the hot smoking grill my camera smells like barbecue for weeks.

These prints are the result of a collaboration: George Lange, Veronica Volny and Meadow Lark--Nature--and a lot of Love all around! This offering is an exclusive limited Holiday Edition. The archival prints are custom made in Boulder and signed for you by me.