The Art of Stillness


Just before the holidays kick into gear, I thought I would offer up something on, “The Art of Stillness.”


I photographed Pico Iyer , the great spiritual journalist and novelist in a bamboo garden in Beverly Hills year ago.  Recently Pico has done an amazing Ted talk and written a book called, “The Art of Stillness,” which suggests unplugging periodically to feel some of the things we block out with headphones, screens and busy lives.  It is not a mediation practice as much as a vacation from the distractions of your daily life to let your dreams breathe a bit.


Yesterday I was in the car today driving and listening to an “On Being” conversation with Krista Tippett and Pico Iyer.    My wife Stephie was in the next seat talking to a friend she had not spoken to in a long time - hearing about some health issues she did not know about.  At one moment, Pico said , "if I talked about water and tea, I was probably stealing from the Dalai Lama because he often says that the most important thing without which we can't live is kindness. We need that to survive. And he says kindness is water, religion is like tea."


At that very moment, when Pico paused, I heard Stephie say, "I so want to be there for you and take care of you."

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