The New Jeni's Splendid Video

Jeni's Spendid Ice Cream just posted a video we made for them, front and center on their new website. This video documents my obsession with Jeni - capturing the spirit of what makes Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream so amazing. So many stories I have worked on begin with my being obsessed with another person who is equally possessed with their work. I kept trying Jeni's ice cream at the little stand at the Short North Market in Columbus. The flavors killed, and kept changing each visit. All inspired and brilliant and amazingly yummy. I tracked Jeni down, we became friends, and I have shot many pictures for her these past few years. There is an unspoken passion for our work that we share and it feeds our relationship. For this video, we focused solely on how all of the fresh ingredients, the people putting them together, and the scoopers, make those of us lucky enough to lick all over her amazing concoctions so stinking happy. This is my first live video. I was not super happy when I shot it last summer - thought more about what was missing than what was here. We put up the Cherry Lambic video - which was a single miraculous outtake, and put the rest to bed for awhile. A month ago, Stephie and David woke the project back up, found a great song and gave it all form. We went back and shot a little bit more, and now you have it.

As always... thanks to Stephie who sees these projects so clearly and is so amazing at completing the story (both the video and my own story...). Thanks also to David Mishler who has developed such great skill in constructing our projects in Final Cut - allowing us to find our voice.