The Party Ain't Over

Friday.  Vitamin D pouring in the house.   The bouncy house  deflated in the parlor. Jeremy, Cecelia and Stephie are drunk with ideas working on collage animations. They are playing with string, flour, alphabets, and some of our favorite pictures.  The music playing is the new Wanda Jackson cd  “The Party Ain’t Over” - produced by Jack White. (Wanda is a rockabilly queen from the Elvis era.  The real deal.  I hate anything retro.  This feels alive...ALIVE!)  Wanda is cranked loud - and the vibration is hopefully helping Asher’s morning nap.  Monika - our organizational czar - has wrangled the chaos that always looms all around us into submission.   Sybil is setting up a new still & video shoot for Allyson Torrisi  in LA.   I never leave a shoot with Allyson without a boot mark on my ass and a big hug.  Need them both.

Our new website will launch officially on Monday. is up now at: Would love to hear what you think.

Jeni Britton of Jeni’s ice cream called me yesterday out of the blue.   I listened on the phone as she saw the site for the first time and hollered out, “I love her eating upside down!”  Jeni’s is a featured case study on the home page.  Jeni is like Wanda -the real deal.  She creates ice cream like Tom Waits sings the blues....all soul and dreams.

Lots in the next two weeks.   Get your ipads ready!