The perfect moment


9:07 Dropped Jackson off at camp this morning.  I stayed awhile, saying hello to the bunny, good morning to the turtle, getting Jackson settled.  I tried to be the good parent.  The promise of picking him up.  The fun he would have.  Still, I peeked back into the little window at his teacher holding him crying after I left - and I had my sad ride back home listening to an old Leon Russell song, "I'm up on the tightrope.  One side hate and one is hope."

10:05 Had a meeting on the porch with Sybil and David and Stephie about ipad apps, flipbooks, TLC, Artisinal entrepreneurs, asset management, and logistics involving trains.  Went downstairs for a skype chat, four phones calls, 6 texts, 32 emails, 7 friend requests, and the new issue of Monacle in the mail.  Fired up the grill and made lunch for my crew.  11 more emails, a great phone call with my friend Rick in Atlanta, two donations to friends riding bikes to raise money for cancer.   Checked out the backdrop unfurled in the driveway, think about getting away for the weekend.

2:40.   Back out of the driveway, go up to Wyoming and make a right.  Go to the end, make a right, quick left, all the way down.   Another right, left after the highway, left through the town past the old Edison factory, go up, bear right, and park a couple of blocks later.   Say hello to the crossing guard reading the bible.  Go to the door, punch in 4 numbers and the star sign, and walk to a window looking out at a playground of kids.   Jackson is over there, pushing a merry go round.   I go through the door and wait for him to recognize me.   He comes racing across the yard screaming, "DADDY DADDY!!"and jumps up into my arms.

It is the perfect moment.  Almost surreal perfection.