The Salt of the Earth

If you are wanting to see the most incredible film on a photographer ever, track down the film, “Salt Of The Earth” - which is playing in theaters now. It is about the work of the great Brazilian photographer, Sebastiao Salgado, directed by Wim Wenders and Salgado’s son, Juliano Riebiero Salgado. If any of us had lived one of Salgado’s chapters we would consider it an incredibly rich life. That he has lived so many chapters, entered the darkest of the dark, and emerged with such planetary redemption - is a miracle to behold. Friends in Boulder, "Salt of the Earth" is now playing at the Century. Get out of the rain and snow(!). See it on the big screen. My son Jackson said this flood will not be so bad, we have another 99 years to go before the 100 year flood waters return.