"The Unforgettable Photograph" in Chinese

2015.11.09"The Unforgettable Photograph" is now in Chinese! I have no clue if it translated correctly, but I love seeing my most personal images surrounded by all the strange text. The book I did with Scott Mowbray still inspires photographers everywhere. Every week I see posts of people who have discovered it. The book talks about the pictures we never take. Appreciating what makes our lives so amazing. Capturing the light in our attic. This book got me hired as the first Artist in Residence at Creative Shop when my friend Matt Jacobson shared it with the Instagram team. The book got me on the Today Show and invited to give a Ted X Boulder talk. The book allowed me to teach a class with Craftsy. The book gave my mother the perfect gift to give when she was invited to dinner parties. The book inspired thousands of pictures that never would have never been taken. The book introduced me to thousands of new friends. Join the club.#unforgettableinstagram #unforgettablephotograph#workmanpress #Iwillsignyourcopyifyoulike