Things I Like

I like getting a call today that someone found the camera I lost last October 16th at the Farmer's Market in Montclair and the pictures (including this one) are still there.

I like getting my marching orders from 3 year olds “daddygotakethenewjerseytransitdoubledeckertraintopennstationgetonthe#1localsubwaytotimessquaregettheStraintograndcentralgotothestorebehindtheescalatorgototheshelfinthebackofthestoreandbuyaCsubwaycarthengetonyourbicycleandridereallyfastbackhome”

I like getting emails from Oh My Rockness and listening to their streaming radio station. (how DO you find new music?)

I like bowls of noodles with duck on top, although the duck three ways at Annisa last night was so beyond a pond and bunch of lilypads, it gave way to a long tale of ducks taking over Maplewood this morning.

I like the sign above the toilet at work that says, “OK GO!”

I like short simple posts that end right here.