This will get you everywhere

Got this note from my friend, Craig Bamsey at Fathom + Hatch this morning. We had a big, long overdue catchup meeting earlier this week with his partner Kat Lam.  The most fun is playing ping pong with ideas against people who can keep the ball in play, and sometimes slam the ball right in your face.

"I am both flattered and thrilled that you enjoyed yourself, for indeed, I am endlessly inspired by your visits. I do think we share many basic values and perspectives – but our lenses are different (which makes for wonderful variety), and I have few doubts that you are far more courageous and adventurous than I when it comes to exploring the boundaries and whims those perspectives supply. You have a truly awesome bee-line to the beauty in life, and to how its tendrils infect and bind us all from the everyday to the extraordinary. I left our meeting refreshed and energized – and like you, wondering actively how to get us working together!"

(This image is from the "Kiss" section on the upcoming ipad app.  Aszure brought her friend Claudio into the studio. Claudio is a post-modern Brazilian clown often seen performing with Cirque De Soleil.)