2015.02.15 I sometimes tease that the truth is overrated. Most of the time we consciously ( or unconsciously ) chose a good story to get at the truth. That is what the news is in 2015. The pictures and words we share are carefully edited compositions of a much bigger picture. When stories or images are good, they get at what we hope are "deeper truths" through interpretation. The truth of war is way too intense for us to consume, so it gets spoon fed in doses we can digest. When I went to the 9/11 memorial a couple of weeks ago at Ground Zero - it was meant to overwhelm with claustrophobia and scale, but also so clearly an edit of what they felt would be the best way to cherry pick the story for the general public. It is a dance the newscasters do - and Brian Williams seems to have done the dance pretty well all these years. Crazy how out of scale the takedown is. After seeing the Edward Snowden doc, "CitizenFour" it was clear that all the data in the world is irrelevant next to the desire to take someone down. You can do that easily with a little lie, while the big lies get a free pass.


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