U-Turn on Metropolitan at 1AM

Driving through Brooklyn at 1AM - too wound up after the flight across the country.  Stop at The Shop where we are shooting tomorrow for Harley. U-turn on Metropolitan, just sneak in as they are closing up.   TJ says he almost cracked my head pulling the gate down.   Often feel like I need to tiptoe when we are asking people to dig in with us on the work.  TJ says they are so happy to have me there shooting.  Happy to help out.  Need to embrace the reputation a bit.  Has always been hard.  Always think I have to go in the rookie door behind with the velvet rope rather than the stage door for players with good lifetime averages.   Happening alot lately.  Getting introduced as the man, rather than the kid.  It let’s me start halfway up the ladder, which feels better than stiff new shoes.

Get home at 2AM and still wired.   Get home and looked in on everyone.  Kiss Jackson on the forehead and stare for a long time at how tall he is getting stretched out under his tent.  Go downstairs, grab a bowl of cold cherries and the new NY Mag. Read about all the people who were healthy, doing fine - then got some crazy disease and had their leg amputated.  They show a picture.  The doctor describes how careful he was, what the saw sounded like, how much experience he has.  YUCH!  Feel like we are surrounded by doom and gloom - from the top of our head to the base of the Mississippi River being all screwed up.  I am going to bury my nose in baby fat, kiss the people I love, and let myself go that place that makes me really happy.   The place I shoot from.  The place I dream in.  The place I can get to everyday if I don’t listen to the BBC half asleep, study the money  too long, or open that door that says “reality”.

I get the newsletter from “Oh My Rockness” and feel really happy that I live in New York - The Decemberists, RA RA Riot, Beirut, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Andrew Bird - all on deck for ourdoor shows.      Really looking forward to The Governor’s Ball next weekend with Mac on Governor’s Island.  Check out the streaming mix.

Our new friend Dan Lyle was sporting one of these iphone covers made of rosewood.  Love the small things that you totally don’t need and really make you happy.

It is hot today, but I am writing this from down in a cool subterranean cave before riding over a bridge, making a left hand turn, and cracking some eggs on the sidewalk.

And you always know who to call if you need the best ice cream sandwiches EVER sent right to your door.