Unmistakable Podcast


This just posted last week...I was a guest on the Unmistakeable Creative with Srini Rao. 

It was a crazy high wire act last week to sit at a table in our house facing the mountains and be interviewed for an hour by a stranger’s voice in my ear from southern California.

The questions were just jumping off points - though definitely high dives: “Which parent were you closest to growing up?” or “You picked up a camera at the age of 7 - how did you get from there to here?


I had notes all around me - but they were only to cover the fact I live so much in the moment I cannot remember too far back. There were also notes from my friend Eric Bruno, who calls what I do “appreciography” - which is his term for using my camera to appreciate everything in new ways.

eb65a916-3452-4c41-b762-32b42a850287 (1).jpg

Many thanks to Srini Rao for including me in his all star line up for “The Unmistakable Creative” and my friend Joseph Logan for the hookup.

Give it a listen - I'd love to hear what you think.