Spent a very unplugged week in Scottsdale with my boys and Stephie. Lots of baseball - it was spring training. Jackson was hell bent on getting an autograph. At the last game with the Rockies, Jackson was lined up with about 300 other kids along the first base line waiting on the whim of the players. A couple of lower level players were randomly signing. Is there anything more beautiful or poignant than watching your son with his sharpie and his ball waiting at half the size of the other kids in the sun for an autograph?? After an hour, it looked hopeless as the game was about to begin. Then Carlos Gonzales (one of Jackson's favorite players) came over to sign a couple of balls - but not near Jackson. Total Dad mode kicked in. I lifted Jackson up and placed him on the railing right in front of Gonzales. He looked up at me, smiled...and signed Jackson's ball!! Father and son bliss! By chance, the NY Times did an article over the weekend on baseball autographs, including the one that Jackson got:http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/29/sports/baseball/in-an-era-of-squiggles-you-cant-tell-baseball-the-players-without-a-handwriting-analyst.html3.31