Waiting for a plane

I am sitting at Teterboro.  Waiting for a plane.  To Poland then Israel.  The boys are in Nashville.  Stephie is meeting me in Jerusalem.   The slow lazy summer never materialized.  Instead.  This.

Have been going for days.   Shooting.  Writing. Organizing.   Planning this trip.  Gearing up for all the new video work we have as soon as I get back.

So excited to be going to the Holyland again.   My friend Ari woke me up this morning from Tel Aviv, and worked out details for the rest of the week.  Shabbat in a small town, a big Jewish wedding, dancers, chefs, mayors, families - the desert, the mountains, the sea....the walls.

Will build on the images I did the last time I was there in 2007: http://www.langestudio.com/videos/featured-

When I walked Jackson out to the car at 5AM on Thursday he said, "Daddy, the house is going to miss me....again."    I think it might be the opposite, but I love the adventures that happen between nights together at home.