We Are Brothers - The Israel Posts begin

This past summer I took two trips to Israel on assignment for Glenn Beck.  Glenn was doing several events in support of Israel and asked me to do a book.   I was also on assignment for myself.   I was wanting....needing.... to let myself loose in a land that I loved. To press my face (and camera) up against my fears, my dreams, and create a story I had only imagined.

I discussed with Glenn wanting to show his audience the soul of the country beyond what most people only know from the conflict and politics.  Israel is also a land of family.  A land of invention, a land of great riches, a land of deep history.  A land of God.  A land of love.

Glenn left me alone to have my own adventure - and in the process document his experience, too. I know alot of my friends have watched as my relationship with Glenn has evolved with disbelief.  All I can say, is there is no one who has ever opened doors for me to do my work as Glenn has.   Glenn has challenged me,  supported me, inspired me, and then totally left me alone to sink or swim.  He has never dictated a point of view, asked me to step in any line, or follow a script.   He has only demanded that I be true to myself.

The book is called, "We Are Brothers" and is being published by Mercury Ink this next week.  It is available here. It is the first book of my work I have ever done.  I am incredibly proud of this work.

In the next several weeks I am going to post alot of the images from the 3 weeks I spent in Israel.   Some of the images are in the book.  Many are outtakes I love that didn't make the cut.

The book was written by Noam Neusner, whose prose dances with the images so beautifully.  He adds depth and history.  Noam has taught me so much about what I was seeing, and became a good friend in the process.  The book was edited - and championed - by Kevin Balfe, who offered incredible support and guidance.

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