We Can and We Will

Watched the inauguration at the Arts Center in Newark - filled to the rafters and shaking like a good Sunday morning gospel service.  So much build up - felt like if our new President just stood there and looked out proudly we would have all understood the message and that would have been more than enough.

All that old political lumber stacked tightly on the stage behind him.  All watching the next wave take off and wondering if the ride was going forward with or without them.  We are going to reinvent this country and the way we think about things.   We have to and now we have the vision on top.  A common thread that honors all people.  A vision that respects the land.  An expectation that insists we all pitch in.

I listened this morning to the Harlem Boy's Choir singing, "Lift Every Voice and Sing."  I listened to Paul Robeson singing, "Scandalize My Name."  I listened to Woody Guthrie singing, "This Land Is Your Land."  I listened to Nina Simone singing, "Feeling Good."

Are we dreaming big?  Yes we are!