August Weekend in NY


Stayed in New York after 6 shootings i  Brooklyn for an artisinal food story my friend Scott wrote.  All handmade, all small scale, possessed by quality and driven by invention.  Totally inspiring.  Stephie and Jackson met me and we stayed over at Kay's.  Such lux in the heart of Soho.  Tall heavy doors, fluffy towels and robes, Honey Nut Cheerios stocked for Jackson.

Our days unfold like a summer rain, soaking everything gently without any drama.  We are all happier when we can bump around like a pinball,  bouncing around the city emptied out on a brilliant August weekend.

Explored 2 new playgrounds in the city.   Central Park where Jackson stripped down to his Thomas underwear and took off through a series of puddled tunnels.   I ran and crawled and kept careful watch, then lost him for about 30 seconds - but oh how those missing moments felt like some scary scene in a dated New York movie from the sixties that I never saw.  Jackson finally stopped and yelled out, "my Daddy!"

This morning we went to a great playground in Chinatown.  Down to the Thomas underwear again - much better site lines.  Then went to Hester St. Fair and ate: gravlux, little Japanese batter fish stuffed with bean paste, Swedish meatballs, maple ice cream with bacon and pecans, chocolate chip cookies with pretzels baked in, all washed down with iced green tea.

We all slept on the way home - which was not so great since I was driving.  Ate dinner out on the porch watching the rain.  Then ran out and got wet again.