Weiner on a bun

A short pause in the aftermath of Weiner’s overexposure.  Are men really this stupid?  And even if we are this stupid, can’t we control our stupidity?  There was a wondrous scene in Bernardo Bertolucci’s film,“1900” where two boys dig holes in a field and screw the earth.   I think they should show this film to Rep. Weiner.  Might be a good exercise for him. He might also like the part where one of the boys let’s a train run over him.

Related...I read this op-ed piece by Ross Douthat in the Times about how all the social media has given forum to the narcissist in all of us.   I feel alittle funny writing anything after reading that.   Feel like I should just post pictures and call it a day.   But I love writing.  Have little clue who I am sharing with. Feel free to treat this like an old Playboy and just look at the pictures.  I will try to edit carefully and not to waste your time.