Welcome George Lange

I was writing & taking pictures non stop this past summer.  Taking thousands and thousands of pictures.  Writing pages and pages of prose.   Shuttling between LA and Israel twice.  Shooting around NY and Poland and in-between.  Shooting Mac Miller as an old Jewish man, and my 11 month old Asher falling into a box waving his legs in the air. Holding year old Palestinian children with heart surgery scars, and photographing Orthodox Jewish rappers praying at the Western Wall as the sun rises.  Exploring how we listen to music  with a yogi in Santa Barbara, and trying to understand what Vintage is with designers in LA.  Rubbing shoulders with the far right and trying to understand the truth on my own side of the tracks.   I have watched weary soldiers on a train rub each-other’s feet, and families lay their fallen sons to rest from friendly fire.  I have looked away as my knapsack opened and all my cameras and lenses cracked against the ground as I flew through a railway turnstile.  I have not eaten sugar all summer –no peach pies, no Jeni’s Salty Carmel, not even my own lemonade.

The summer felt more like a big story I was trying to capture, than separate projects or stories.   Everything seemed too big to edit down. I missed my blog – it helps me digest and slice things up.    Finally some deadlines forced me to find the threads and give the stories some shape.  I sat still for a long time the past couple of days and moved things around.   I got on this plane and have been rewriting this over and over to find a way to start without boring you.

I spent the summer creating content, and September digesting it all.  Working on more videos now.  Editing images for two books.  I am totally overwhelmed with all the music coming out of every speaker - thank you Sonos.  (Listening to alot of the Feelies today).

And...finally....posting again.