What is SHE Building in There?

2016.03.15 Yesterday Stacey had her life on the monitor, then she unplugged and left the office. I plugged my life into the very same monitor and populated it with a love letter about a single hug that made the day into something else. This morning I took the table in the back of Boxcar that Veronica generally sits at. Opened my morning onto the table cradling a perfect cortado compliments of the beards (Boulder hipster beards) behind the counter. Began to sing Tom Waits to myself while the speakers were playing “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear. The couple at the next table were crashed by a friend who asked, “Are you having a romantic morning or can I join you?” I have been obsessed with the Tom Wait's song, “What’s He Building In There?” I want to know what YOU are building in there. Want to know what you are thinking. What you are FEELING in there. A friend on the schoolyard this morning told me how much she loved my post from yesterday about meeting Stephie. I told her how we should all be sharing what we love. She said, “I am way too shy.” What is SHE building in there? I am about to do a bunch of videos profiling people on creativity and inspiration- which I am so excited about. Then my client said, “And then we want you to turn the camera on yourself, and tell us what YOU are building in there.” Need to wipe the steam off that reflection.