What is Vintage?

Our video, "What is Vintage?" just launched today on One King's Lane.  Shot in LA and NY.   It is our first real sync'd sound talkie.   Thanks to everyone who entertained us  and our crew:  Madeline Stuart who held thoughts between the cars coming down from the hills, Wendy Haworth who played Nina Simone on vinyl, Peter Dunham who sent a sofa off to it's new home  dodging traffic on La Brea, Steven Sclarloff who emerged from the underground on White St and made us miss the country, and Malcolm Kutner, who became our friend. BIG thanks to Elana Frankel who shepherded this project at OKL and held our hand, Ethan Trask who gave it his blessing, and my girlfriend Susie Feldman from 7th grade.

Mostly this exists because of Stephie - who just dug in and willed it into life.  And David Mishler who worked by her side and kept the faith with incredible patience and skill.