When Jonny Strikes Up The Band

This is a light on my friend Jonny Daniels.  I met him in Poland last summer and instantly found the same wave length.  We were both in foreign territory  (Warsaw and Krakow), strangers instantly thrown deep into joint histories that connected us all.  Crazy soul I instantly bonded with.

Jonny is an operative in the best sense.  He works every scene.  He worked me until I was laughing so hard I begged for air.  He worked out of the Kenesset in Jerusalem sweating his way just ahead of the mob, still managing to get in every picture. He worked the lobby of the King David, got his room and a big Sunday brunch picked up, then showed Jon Voight how to wash his hands.  Jonny now works NY and LA like a pro. He grabs a stack of my business cards and calls from the road with his auto signature, “All The Best.” – which is his equivilant of have a great day.  Really Jonny!

I have pictures that could instantly kill a political career, or make it take off if all news is good news.  But I won’t be sharing those.  I won’t even show you pictures of those pants he was wearing last summer with the cuffs and pleats.  He promised they were disposed of.  I can’t tell you most of what we talk about.   Nothing is sacred.  We almost died laughing at our driver in Israel who had a huge fake smile plastered on his face from 5 in the morning until  midnight.   It always feels like we are dodging bullets, and following the smoke trails.

Jonny shows up in NY with both phones dead, desperately needing an outlet.   He talks about actresses and Hollywood producers he is meeting with.  He talks about Dwayne in Nashville and Glenn in Dallas.  Jonny is breaking velvet ropes, hanging out on rooftop bars in NY and Soho parties in LA.

Is is not easy being Jonny Daniels, riding in coach from Tel Aviv to LA.  He belongs in the front.  He has one of the most angelic singing voices you have ever heard.  Didn’t expect that did you?  He holds his little daughter like the most precious knock on the back of his knees.

Jonny is my friend. Some people don’t get Jonny.  They are missing out.