When Scott comes to town

First comes the shopping list emailed for Mother’s Day dinner: Porterhouse if they have it, or strip. Lots of fresh garlic and rosemary. A one poind bag of frozen little green peas, a clutch of spring/green onions (six onions) and a head of butter lettuce. New potatoes. Capers. Can of anchovies. One container grape tomatoes  A can of chicken stock. and something for dessert.

Then the layouts and all the seeds he is planting for our book.   Scott has taken all the hard drives with my personal work for the past 6 years - and uncovered all these threads.   He has taught me more about my own work than I could have ever sewn together.  We record our discussions about the pictures - where they were born, how they were raised, and what they have to teach us.  It will all be published by Workman next year.

Scott  Mowbray is the craziest mix of eyes reading novels on his beloved kindle and iphone, fingers on the cutting edge of the tech and publishing world, hands on the steering wheel of Cooking Light, and his heart holding Kate’s.

I can’t wait to see where this is all going.  I am so glad we are sharing part of the ride.