Where Love is Born


Several days before Mother’s Day, Stephie and I were talking with our pediatrician. I was about to write, “the boy’s pediatrician” , but he is really there for all of us. After talking about the usual things, he went on for a long time about how amazing mother’s are. How strong. How important. How resourceful. How much energy it takes to be a mother.

We all know that. On Mother’s Day we celebrate it.

On every other day of the year - we who are father’s watch in awe as our wives and partners who care for our children blow us away. The sound of their voices as sweet as angels down in the kitchen when we keep knocking the alarm back to sleep.

On Mother’s Day, we let Stephie sleep in and huddled under a blanket downstairs in the early morning. I talked to our two little boys about how lucky we are to have their mother in our life. How much we have to be grateful for everyday she watches over our family and takes care of us. I told them about how we met - which seems so random. Yet there is this family we have now that is so far from random.

I talked about how we learned to be parents. How special our mother’s are: Janet and Aline.

When I called my mother to wish her Happy Mother’s Day - she said that she had to turn everything off - the whole Mother’s Day thing was too much for her. That is because everyday is Mother’s Day if we are really paying attention to where all the love is born.